Documentary “Life Goes On”

International Premiere in the

London International Filmmaker Festival 2018

Feburuary 11th, Sunday, 16:15~

at Crowne Plaza London Docklands, Room 1
(Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, London)

Admission Free
(approx. 60 seats available)

*The film is 81 minute-long, in Japanese with English subtitles.

Release Date in Japan: March 3rd,2018

81 mins/2017/Japanese(English subtitles)/Digital/5.1ch/16:9

Life endures. How resilience, fortitude, and benevolence prevail after an unimaginable disaster. Six years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, in the beautiful land of Tohoku, on Japan’s North-Eastern coast, people stricken by immeasurable loss never give up moving forward.


Ishinomaki, Miyagi – The tsunami that swept away the house of woodworker and his wife deprived them of a lot more than their possessions, for when it went, it took their three children with it. “You wonder if hell is real,” says the husband; yet, an incident restored his faith in work and drove him to establish a charity group, even though his wife blamed him for their loss. Six years have passed, and now the couple revisits the site where their house stood because…
Minamisanriku, Miyagi – A five-year-old girl, proficient at using the abacus, lost her father to the tsunami before she was born. Although she doesn’t understand the disaster, she knows the father she sees in photographs will always be beside her.
Kamaishi, Iwate – In a small town largely destroyed by the tsunami, a shrine symbolizes recovery. Surrounded by profound devastation, what drives denizens to go to the shrine and strive for the revival of their annual autumn festival?
Kawauchi, Fukushima – A farmer, thirty kilometers away from of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, defied the evacuation order and remained in his village, to keep growing rice. He alone tended to his crop within the parameters of the evacuation zone. When they tested the crop for irradiation, the result was…
Among others that include an oyster farmer, a hotel manager, a store owner, a florist, a retired man who lost his family, this documentary reveals the hidden stories of those affected by the disaster six years on.

Production Bio

Title: Life Goes On
Narration: Norika Fujiwara, Koichi Yamadera
Director: Mia Yoon
Co-Director/DP: Takeshi Tsuji
Producer: Yumiko Masuda
Produced by: Kokoro Film Partners
Distributed by: Heisei Project Inc.

Narrator: Norika Fujiwara – Actress and Japanese Red Cross Society’s Goodwill Ambassador

After being crowned Miss Japan in 1992, Ms. Fujiwara quickly rose to stardom as a top model and actress, representing Japan and Asia in films and TV dramas, as well as on stage. Her portfolio includes voice-over work, writing, production, and MC work. Off-screen, her involvement in aiding victims following the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, in 1995, she has become prominently involved in charity projects. After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, she visited affected areas frequently, and vigorously engaged in support activities.

Narrator: Koichi Yamadera – Actor, Voice Actor, and Narrator

One of Japan’s most proficient voice actors, he is known for his roles in Dragon Ball Super (as Beerus), Neon Genesis Evangelion (as Ryoji Kaji), Anpanman (as Cheese), and Ranma ½ (as Ryōga Hibiki/P-chan and the Jusenkyō Guide). He has also provided voice-over translations for actos Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy in the Japanese language releases of their respective films. What with the damage to his hometown of Shiogama, in Miyagi Prefecture, he has been involved in charitable activities in a professional and private capacity.

Director: Mia Yoon

Ms. Yoon, a third-generation Korean immigrant, was born and raised in Nagano Prefecture. She graduated from Tsuda College, in Tokyo, and began her career in public relations. After working for IT companies as a publicist, she transitioned into the film industry to purse creative passions. Her work includes TV productions on Japanese public broadcaster, NHK, TV documentaries, and theatrical live-action features. Involved in production from development to advertisement and sales, “Life Goes On” is her directorial debut. As a producer, her filmography includes: “Beyond the Tsunami: Onagawa, Hearts Connected”; “Lee Ye: The First Joseon Missions to Japan”; and “Cinema Angel”.

Co-director/DP: Takeshi Tsuji

Mr. Tsuji was born and raised in Shiga. He trained as a cinematographer and freelanced on a number of films, CM, PV, etc. His filmography includes: “Marionette”, (Breckenridge Festival of Film: Best Picture, Best Cinematography); “Raise the Castle!”; and “I’m a Shutter Girl.”

Producer: Yumiko Masuda

Ms. Masuda appeared as a reporter in news and children’s programs, on NHK Gifu, after graduating from Kinjo University. She worked as a writer for a monthly magazine, Home Economics Wise. She established a production company, Heisei Project Inc., and produced several films and TV programs. She was on the jury of Manufacturing Awards, assembled by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, on three occasions. She is the author of two books that recount her experience film-making as a housewife. Her filmography includes: ‘Wind Carpet’, and ‘Raise the Castle!” See: “Artistry and accountancy – the secret ingredients for making movies” | Yumiko Masuda | TEDxKyoto

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